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About US  is a knowledge sharing portal developed and maintained by Vidyuth Kanti Engineering Services  (VKES)

Knowledge is of paramount importance to design a safe, reliable and cost effective electrical system. This knowledge is available in form of standards, regulations, handbooks which can be accessed. But a major portion of knowledge which is gained through experience by a person stays within them. Hence this venture has been started with main intention of bringing out the domain knowledge available in the human brain of experts and making it accessible to all. All our guides and videos have been developed after extensive in-house research, simulations and lab experiments.

VKES is a Bangalore based Startup by Paneendra Kumar BL. Research, Training, Consultancy for SAFE and RELIABLE Power System


Paneendra kumar BL

Charted Engineer (UK),

  • Senior Member IEEE (USA), an Associate member institute of engineers India.
  • Masters in power system from IIT Delhi
    BE  Electrical from RV college of engineering Bangalore.
  • 15 years experience in  Industrial power distribution, Power plants,  Oil and gas, Transmission and Distribution and Power quality.
  • published papers in international journals like IEEE.
  • Volunteer for social causes related to the education of children.
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